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The Timelapse Company is a timelapse, motion timelapse and hyperlapse production service created by Emeric Le Bars and Brian Youchak based out of Los Angeles and New York City. The company is in charge of creating high quality 4K+, 6K and 8K timelapse videos for different markets, such as real estate, events, commercials, online content, social media, as well as series and movies.

We specialize in urban, cityscape, landscape and astro-photography timelapse photography. We create on-demand timelapse content or directly license content online to customers worldwide. Specifically, we create timelapse, hyperlapse, drone and drone hyperlapse, motion control, day-to-night or night-to-day timelapse videos.  

The company’s second main goal is to teach the art of timelapse photography through virtual and in-person workshops, online courses/tutorials and gear reviews.

We strongly believe that timelapse photography is a unique and one-of-a-kind art form that not a lot of people can do well. Timelapse requires special softwares and a unique workflow that both Emeric and Brian master like no one else.  We are both big travelers and adventurers ready to travel and shoot timelapse videos everywhere on Earth. That is the reason why we are planning on traveling worldwide to create timelapse videos for our customers, as well as teaching through short and long terms workshops.  


Brian Youchak
Brian Youchak

Brian Youchak is a timelapse photographer based out of New Jersey. He has been shooting timelapses since 2015 when he found his passion living abroad in Ireland. He currently shoots with a Nikon D850, teaches workshops around the NJ/NYC area and has worked with brands such as Best Western and the Empire State Building. Brian loves to travel around the world shooting timelapses.
Emeric Le Bars
Emeric Le Bars

Emeric Le Bars is a French timelapse photographer and Video Editor living in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, CA. He has been in the timelapse industry for the past 10 years and now has a portfolio of over 1200 timelapse videos from all around the world.

He has sold his work to Adobe, Facebook, OPPO, Google, Netflix, LG, STARZ, Microsoft, Mastercard, Red Bull, Nike with Converse, NBC Universal, and Time Warner Cabler to name a few. Today he teaches timelapse photography through online classes in both English and French, as well as live workshops all over the country.


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