New York City Hyperlapse Workshop – Governors Island

Join Brian and Emeric, two professional timelapse photographers, to learn and master Hyperlapse Photography by shooting the Lower Manhattan Skyline from Governors Island.

You will learn how to shoot amazing hyperlapse videos using only one camera, either handheld or with a tripod. What is the secret behind a smooth and flawless hyperlapse video? Sign up to this workshop to know!

We will reveal all of our secrets to create high quality, flawless, and flicker-free hyperlapses.  

Governors Island, New York City

September 10th 2022 / 1:00PM-4:00PM




  • How to shoot a hyperlapse handheld
  • How to shoot a hyperlapse with a tripod
  • How to use the right anchor point
  • How to select the best composition
  • How and when to change settings during the hyperlapse
  • Secrets for a flawless hyperlapse
  • How to use the meter or the live view correctly for your hyperlapse
  • What to avoid during the hyperlapse
  • How to stabilize an hyperlapse
  • Tips and tricks from experienced timelapse photographers


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A hyperlapse is a timelapse, let’s be honest here! The only difference is that your camera will be moving in space around your subject, changing its perspective! Depending on how far you decide to move your camera, you can sometimes create a brand new angle that wouldn’t be possible without shooting several static timelapses.

Your subject is changing through space and time!

A hyperlapse is not a motion control timelapse. You are not using any extra gear to capture it, a camera and a tripod is enough. Hyperlapse videos are also usually shot on very long distances that a slider can not replicate. Watch some of our favorite hyperlapse videos below! 


Timelapse photography is an art that is best learned with experience and passion. At this workshop, you will be able to develop your skills and learn the craft with two professionals in the best city in the world.

At a ratio of 1 teacher for maximum 2 students, this is the best investment you can make in your timelapse career, even if it’s just a hobby! Brian and Emeric know the best timelapse spots around New York City! You will learn how to handle any situation, composition and subject to create the highest quality hyperlapse video possible.

You will also get to meet other photographers with the same passion and be highlighted to over 68K followers from Brian and Emeric’s Instagram accounts!


Brian Youchak
Brian Youchak

Brian Youchak is a timelapse photographer based out of New Jersey. He has been shooting timelapses since 2015 when he found his passion living abroad in Ireland. He currently shoots with a Nikon D850, teaches workshops around the NJ/NYC area and has worked with brands such as Best Western and the Empire State Building. Brian loves to travel around the world shooting timelapses.
Emeric Le Bars
Emeric Le Bars

Emeric Le Bars is a French timelapse photographer and Video Editor living in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, CA. He has been in the timelapse industry for the past 10 years and now has a portfolio of over 1200 timelapse videos from all around the world.

He has sold his work to Adobe, Facebook, OPPO, Google, Netflix, LG, STARZ, Microsoft, Mastercard, Red Bull, Nike with Converse, NBC Universal, and Time Warner Cabler to name a few. Today he teaches timelapse photography through online classes in both English and French, as well as live workshops all over the country.



  • 1:00PM: Meetup at Governors Island Ferry Terminal. You can take a ferry from Brooklyn (Red Hook, Brooklyn Bridge Park Pier 6) or Manhattan 10 South Street)

More info about Governors Island Ferrys

  • 1:00PM – 1:30PM: Walking to our hyperlapse location, analyzing the environment and setting up
  • 1:30 – 4:00PM: Shooting hyperlapses of the New York City Skyline handheld and with a tripod.


In order to attend this timelapse workshop, you will need the following:

  • DSLR or Mirrorless Camera with 2 or 3 batteries
  • Sturdy tripod
  • Intervalometer, either built-in or external
  • Zoom lens(es) recommended, ranging from 16mm to 100mm
  • Memory Cards to capture around 2000 images 

NOTE: Students must have working knowledge of manual settings including aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focus, and white balance. Workshop will not focus on teaching camera skills!


When purchasing and booking this timelapse workshop, you agree to the following terms:

  • The Timelapse Company reserves the right to cancel the workshop for any reason (up to two days prior to the workshop), a full refund will be given. We highly recommend purchasing a trip insurance for your flights if you have one. The Timelapse Company will not be responsible for any cancellation fees from your airline.
  • In case of extremely bad weather, the Timelapse Company reserves the right to cancel the workshop on the same day, up to 2 hours before the start time. Cancellation due to weather can only be the decision of the Timelapse Company. You will receive a full refund.
  • Drones are not allowed during this workshop.
  • Listed price is per person, before taxes. Students are welcome to travel with a friend, partner or family member but only people with a spot will receive instruction.
  • If you want to book 2 spots, you are free to do so.
  • Cancellation is free until 48 hours before the workshop (September 8th 2022 at 12AM EST)
  • Cancellation fee of $100 if you cancel less than 48 hours before the workshop
  • When booking this workshop, you will receive a general liability insurance included in the package from The Timelapse Company.
  • This insurance does not cover photography equipment. Students are in charge of protecting their own gear if needed. Any accidents happening to the gear during the workshop will not be covered by The Timelapse Company.
  • If you need an affordable gear insurance, check PPA.
  • You agree to the above terms when booking this New York City Workshop.

New York Hyperlapse Workshop – Governors Island 

September 10th 2022 / 1:00PM-4:00PM