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Timelapse videos are a unique and original way to see the world around us. It shows the world at a fast pace while revealing the rhythm and pulse of cities and landscapes.

Timelapse Photography is a unique and niche art form that very few have mastered. It’s the only art form that requires taking images in order to create a video. Timelapse videos are a poetic, stylish and professional way of selling your products.

But who actually needs timelapse videos?

You probably do! For the last 10 years, we have been working closely with media and production companies, real estate companies, observation decks, advertisement and marketing companies, airlines, hotel chains, tourism boards as well as any other companies who need to highlight a product, place, event or view using this unique art form. Simple images and regular videos don’t always share the right emotions, but beautiful timelapse videos will.

Our work can be seen in an Oscars Nominated documentary, countless Netflix’s Original Series, television and online commercials, live sport channels, Youtube videos, and other documentaries, series and online content.


We offer everything related to the art of timelapse photography, including:

  • Static day or night timelapse videos
  • Day-to-Night and Night-to-Day timelapse videos
  • Sunrise and sunset timelapse videos
  • Motion control (1,2,3-axis) timelapse videos
  • Hyperlapse videos
  • Drone Hyperlapse videos

We also offer timelapse and hyperlapse post-production services using different programs to render the image sequences to the final video clip. Our quality standards are higher than any other companies on the market as we take the time to actually clean each timelapse before final delivery. You can be rest assured that the final product will be visually amazing, flicker-free, sharp and free of any unwanted elements.

Most timelapse videos will be available in either HD or 4K+. Clients then pick the required FPS or video codec. Additional options and formats are available upon request. We create exclusive content only!


Timelapse Company 2022 Hyperlapse Showreel


Our headquarters are located in both New York City and Los Angeles! But at the Timelapse Company, we also work with the best Timelapse Contributors from all around the world. Having contributors in other states and countries allows the Timelapse Company to hire talented artists and reduce the cost of every production job since there are less travel and lodging fees involved.

As of today, the Timelapse Company works with artists from 14 countries and 6 US states. Brian and Emeric are always ready to go in the Los Angeles and New York City Metropolitan areas. But to make sure we provide the best timelapse and hyperlapse content to our clients, every single timelapse contributor around the world has been carefully picked.

We have timelapse & hyperlapse contributors inUnited States!

10+ years working in the timelapse industry.

We are global with timelapse creators from 14 countries.

High quality standards and strict deadlines.

Over 2000+ timelapse videos already created.


Our prices vary depending on how many videos you need, the type of timelapse and shooting location.


(great if you know how many timelapse videos you want for your project)

  • Static timelapses: From $350
  • Day-to-Night timelapses: From $500
  • Hyperlapse videos: From $500
  • Motion Control timelapses: From $600


(great if you need a photographer for a longer period of time and you are not sure how many timelapse videos are required for your project)

  • Half Day (4 hours): From $1200
  • Full Day (8 hours): From $2000
  • 2 Days (16 hours): From $3500

We require that each photographer edit all the timelapse videos they actually captured. Editing starts at a rate of $100/hour. This includes rendering, deflicker and cleaning.

  • 3 days: FREE
  • 2 days: +$200
  • 24 hours: +$500 (up to 10 videos)
  • 12 hours: +$1000 (up to 5 videos)

We also offer additional options upon request:

  • 6K and 8K timelapse videos
  • Social media ready format
  • Long projects, long term timelapses
  • Astro-Photography


Please enter what you are looking for, as well as dimension, FPS or codec or any other information that will help us find the right timelapse videos for your project.

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